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China is starting to break through the power lithium battery industry

China is starting to break through the power lithium battery industry

Demand conduction power lithium battery equipment industry continues to benefit

Thanks to the domestic industry, the rapid development of new energy vehicles, power lithium battery has become an important part of the lithium battery, lithium battery power equipment demand in the second half of 2015 broke out. Some institutions predict that new energy vehicles will continue to be emerging industries in the next 10 years, and the compound growth rate of China's lithium battery equipment industry will exceed 30% in the next five years. According to the investment of 500 million yuan per GWh of power lithium battery, the scale of China's power lithium battery industry in 2020 is about 35 billion yuan.


The market generally believes that the explosive growth of global new energy vehicles may just begin. China is the main market for new energy vehicles. Therefore, the high growth of domestic lithium battery equipment in the next three years is still determined, and high-quality domestic equipment enterprises with leading technology are expected to benefit. This demand transmission is directly reflected in the order. According to industry insiders, the demand for equipment for lithium battery capacity increase and product upgrade is rapidly increasing. In 2017, the new investment in power battery is expected to remain above 100 billion yuan, plus 2016 new Unfinished orders for investment of more than 100 billion yuan, lithium battery equipment manufacturers generally do not order this year.

Industry leaders have emerged

Lithium battery equipment first appeared in Japan and South Korea, and its technical advantages are obvious, but domestic equipment is post-production, which is far superior to Japanese and Korean companies in terms of cost performance and service response. Industry experts said that in addition to building a leading enterprise of power lithium batteries, we must also focus on building leading enterprises in production equipment, and increase support for leading enterprises in technological transformation, research and development and innovation. As a leading enterprise, it is necessary to increase the coverage of the entire industry chain, carry out mergers and acquisitions, and pursue scale effects. At present, domestic leading enterprises have emerged.

Winning Technology: Expanding Production Scale Leading Industry Development

In 2015, it launched the “turnkey” project for lithium battery equipment and innovated the business model. In 2016, the industry's first nickel-hydrogen battery complete line of automation equipment was launched, becoming the only domestic and even the world's new lithium-ion and nickel-hydrogen new energy battery. The manufacturer of the complete line of equipment. At present, Wintech has become the core supplier of mainstream power battery manufacturers such as Guoxuan Hi-Tech, with absolute technical advantages and a solid customer base.

In addition, through the acquisition and the establishment of a new subsidiary, Wintech's business is extended from the core production front end of the lithium battery, the mid-end equipment to the back end of the core formation detection and battery PACK automation equipment field, combined with MES technology, lithium production line vision control technology and The intelligent robot of lithium battery production line realizes the intelligent solution of “whole line equipment + robot + software control”, which effectively improves the service capability of the company's lithium battery equipment overall solution.

On March 14, 2017, Wintech announced the plan to build a “winning technology lithium battery automation equipment production line construction project”. After the completion of the project construction, it will add an annual production capacity of 1025 lithium battery equipment, and the production scale of the company's lithium battery equipment. Will be further expanded.

Pioneer Intelligence: R&D International's first lithium battery automatic logistics line to build a smart factory

Since entering the field of lithium battery equipment in 2008, after years of accumulation, Pioneer Intelligence has become one of the few companies that can provide equipment to high-end customers such as Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, ATL, CATL, BYD, and Lishen. Made an example.

Into the endless, in July 2016, Pioneer Intelligence independently developed the world's first fully automated lithium battery logistics line, providing the most direct and effective solution for battery manufacturers to build intelligent unmanned factories and realize Industry 4.0; December 2016, Pilot intelligent lithium battery and 3C high-end intelligent equipment production base laid the foundation, the project is expected to invest a total of 1 billion yuan, the production of lithium battery equipment is mainly provided to Panasonic and other world-renowned power lithium battery manufacturers.

In January 2017, it invested 1.35 billion to acquire the new power of Titan, which is undoubtedly the leading intelligence to become the whole line of lithium battery equipment providers. It is reported that the main products of Titan New Power are power soft pack battery equipment and systems, power hard shell battery equipment and systems, and cylindrical lithium battery production equipment such as cylindrical battery equipment and systems. After the successful acquisition, Pioneer Intelligence will extend the lithium battery production equipment business chain of listed companies, and strive to build the strongest lithium battery automation production equipment brand and service solution provider in China.

"Small and beautiful" companies lead the way

As the main way to reduce costs and improve product consistency, the high-end and intelligentization of the whole line of equipment has been widely discussed, and the transformation and upgrading of China's lithium-ion equipment enterprises also requires “small giants”: the field does not need to span a large area, but We can seize the new energy “window” by virtue of superior technology products, and ultimately maximize the benefits through strategic cooperation between upstream and downstream industries. "A flower alone is not a spring", the development of the power lithium battery industry, in addition to the industry leader, but also have "small and beautiful" companies leading the way.

Zhengye Technology

Zhengye Technology has formed a wide range of brand influence in the field of non-destructive testing of lithium batteries in China. The company's lithium-ion X-ray inspection business has a market share of 70%, and firmly grasps domestic and foreign large customers such as BYD, ATL, Tianjin Lishen, AVIC Lithium, and Japan Matsushita.

The fully automatic X-ray inspection machine (XG5610) is a new non-destructive testing equipment for lithium battery independently developed by Zhengye Technology in 2016. This equipment mainly detects 18650/26650 lithium battery, and can also perform non-destructive testing on the negative ear and shell wall of the 26650 lithium battery (pitch, touch distance, and bending state of the ear). It is an efficient and professional. High-quality lithium battery testing equipment. The detection efficiency of this award-winning equipment is as high as 130PPM, and it is the first in the domestic similar equipment.

Han nationality laser

Laser welding is a very important process link in the battery module and pack process. It has a great influence on the consistency, stability and safety of the battery. The laser welding parts of the power battery are numerous, the process is difficult, and the welding process is more demanding. high.

Han's laser ranks among the top three laser companies in the world, and the domestic laser equipment market share is the first. The application of the company's equipment in the field of power batteries mainly focuses on the welding process of batteries, providing customers with an overall automated laser welding solution. At present, based on the lithium-ion laser welding technology, Dazu Laser has successively invested in the acquisition of Dongguan Junzhuo, Shenzhen Platinus and Jiangsu Jinfan Zhanyu and other lithium-ion equipment enterprises through the strategic layout of “combined vertical and horizontal”, and gradually opened up new energy sources. Closed-loop industrial chain of power battery manufacturing process equipment.

Jiyang Intelligent

Jiyang Intelligent is a professional manufacturer of lithium ion battery and supercapacitor production equipment and automated production lines, providing new energy equipment complete solutions and related equipment for domestic and foreign customers.

In the product line, Jiyang Intelligent will focus on the winding and production process and the division into parts. I hope that in the future, we can truly integrate the equipment system and connect the entire equipment production line.

Shenghong Electric

Shenzhen Sheng Hong lithium battery in electrical production processes of deep cell component container and a battery pack detection device, while in lithium battery applications downstream links, have also introduced a storage bidirectional converter, new energy vehicles charger and other products.

It is worth mentioning that energy-saving testing equipment has become the trend of power battery manufacturing, and Shenghong Electric's self-developed energy feedback type power battery testing and forming equipment can greatly reduce the heat dissipated in the air through recycling, thereby reducing the overall operation. The function of the air conditioning load. The data shows that this energy feedback device is more than 90% energy efficient.

Times High Tech

Since 2006, Time High Technology has cooperated with MAXWELL, the world leader in supercapacitor industry, and has developed a fully automatic vacuum drying system for eight years. The technology has occupied the leading position in the industry market.

Its self-developed fully automatic tunnel vacuum drying system features “same parameter + intelligent control + no manual + no need for drying room”, completely subverting the design of traditional single drying equipment to ensure the consistency of the battery at each manufacturing node. It can improve the production efficiency of power battery by 3-8 times, fully satisfying the high-volume production demand of high-safety and high-quality power batteries. Moreover, the system also has a cost advantage, and the equipment price is 80% of the same imported equipment. At present, BYD battery production line has used this fully automatic vacuum drying system.

Breaking through the war, catching up with Japan and South Korea is not the ultimate goal

This is the best era, but it may be the most tough time for power lithium battery companies. Although mainstream companies are trying to upgrade their equipment, it still seems to be unable to meet the real needs of power battery companies.

According to industry analysts, about 70% of lithium battery equipment in China has been localized, but it is basically low-end equipment. It still relies on imported equipment from Japan and South Korea on the core equipment (the high-end products of the coating and winding machine of the former middle link are still A lot of dependence on imports). We also saw that all the equipment of the new Fujian Lu'an project production line of lion technology was imported from Korea and Japan, and its production capacity is more than three times that of the domestic common production line, and the A product rate is over 98%.

"The requirements for automation and intelligence of domestic power batteries will be greatly improved. If domestic equipment companies cannot adapt to this change in the short term, the market will soon be robbed by equipment manufacturers including Japan and South Korea." Jiyang Intelligent Director Changyang Rukun said.

However, catching up with Japan and South Korea is not the ultimate goal of domestic power lithium battery equipment companies. The competition for cakes in the international market and the original intention of promoting the long-term progress of core technologies are the direction that enterprises should work hard.

China's electric vehicles have risen to the national strategy, and production and sales are leading in the world. However, many developed countries have begun to exert their strengths recently, including Germany, Europe, and Japan, all of which are strategically adjusted. Once the big car companies in these countries start to exert their strength, what kind of impact will it have on China's power lithium battery equipment enterprises, it is worthy of attention.

Looking at the global market, Tesla MODEL3 orders demand more than 500,000 units, lithium battery demand exceeds 35GWh, and as battery costs continue to decrease, Volkswagen, GM, BMW are expected to increase the investment in electric vehicles and launch models like MODEL3 In the future, the demand for lithium battery equipment in the world will rise with the surge of power lithium batteries. Excellent domestic equipment companies will have the hope to join the global lithium battery equipment competition.

The author believes that China's power lithium battery manufacturing is still in the "primary intelligence" stage, the pass rate is about 90% in the entire industry. The terminal of the product market puts forward more and more stringent requirements, and the degree of automation may not be far from the advanced level of foreign countries. If the key processes and equipment can't keep up, the enterprise will have no vitality. Therefore, the equipment enterprises can only win the industry recognition by focusing on the refined products, and eventually become a strong contender in the international market.